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Mar 17, 2017

In this episode, Adam Berns shows how he seemingly miraculously ended his frustration with psoriasis by making a few simple dietary shifts.  


1.40: Had psoriasis since 6 or 7 years old. All sorts of dermatologists would prescribe different creams that never worked

2.15: Went on an anti-inflammatory diet and cut out 3 main culprits

1.25: Psoriasis over a short period of time magically disappeared.

2.56: No psoriasis for 7/8 years

3.00: Tried different drugs from different dermatologists

4.30: His typical diet

4.40: Anti-inflammatory protein shake

5.10: His great dessert – vegan chocolate ice cream and secret ingredients not so secret now

6.18: Anti-inflammatory ice cream

7.14: He suffered from psoriasis his whole life until about 7 years ago

7.47: His favourite micronutrient blend

8.00: Why he quit drinking cow’s milk

8.55: How his energy levels and overall health improved a lot as well as his psoriasis clearing up

9.34: Additional health benefits of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle