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Apr 14, 2017

In Episode 9 I Interview Chris Wise who shares his extraordinary results of how meditation and another key secret, has helped him transform his overall sense of peace and wellbeing. He shares how his harsh circumstances enabled him to accelerate himself to almost a higher state of consciousness. This is one not to be missed.

Don’t skip! Here are the show notes.


1.15 – A few huge benefits of meditation

1.10 – Why he’s been getting into spirituality

2.40 – Loving your Inner Child

3.10 – Words to say to yourself for rapid transformation

3.40 – How to feel more calm in your body to prepare for meditation

4.30 – How Chris’ experience away from life, enabled him to meditate

5.10 – Finding new meaning for harsh circumstances

6.20 – He faced his greatest fear

6.35 – Now he is not afraid of feeling fear

7.00 – Distracting ourselves doesn’t help our psychology

8.10 – Why typical personal development programmes didn’t work for him

9.40 – How he went into a dark period with no motivation or purpose

10.30 – How he got through the dark times

11.10 – Realising how it feels to be immobilised

11.35 – How meditation was a big part of making the shift

12.00 – How space opened up of complete peace

13.10 – Two words that opened up a space for him

14.15 – His realisation that everything that is happening is a gift

15.00 – A little gem from my own personal growth journey

16.00 – How bliss broke out and passed through his body

17.00 – A bi-product of awesomeness that happens with meditation

18.30 – The power of a Vipassana retreat in healing depression of a trainee doctor

18.40 – The best holiday your midn

19.20 – The power of self-love or self-care

20.00 – How to practice saying 3 powerful words

20.40 – Chris’ best advice for starting meditation

22.35 – How your mind just relaxes

23.15 – Power of practicing daily gratitude

25.15 – Top recommendation – True Divine

25.40 – Scaling coach: