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May 11, 2017

Wouldn’t it be crazy if we could measure our health to determine our level of health, and whether or not we’re building the foundations of disease, yet none of us are testing for it? Well, this crazy is real. It’s crazy because it can be as simple as getting regular blood tests for certain biomarkers which will tell us whether what we’re currently doing is working, or whether it isn’t. Sadly, we are not encouraged to do this. Our doctors are not trained to do this and our doctors do not encourage us to do this. Sometimes if we request them, our doctor will not approve. Sometimes we might even have to pay for these tests – ourselves. SHOCK!! I’m saying that last part in jest as we have become so used to not having to invest in our own health, that when we have to pay to put something right, or to simply get a “service” all hell breaks loose! Do you spend more money to service your car than you do your own body? Here’s how not to die. What gets measured gets managed!

I come from England and the idea for us to pay for anything health related is an absurdity. We’re so used to everything being free. Free is great until we realise it doesn’t work and we’re “struck down” with a chronic disease that in so many cases could have actually been avoided had we been more mindful and conscious about our health.  The challenge comes from the fact that this is society. This is the culture in which we live. In the US you’re told to “ask your doctor for this drug” – banned in Europe. You see it on billboards too – also banned in Europe. Whether you’re in the US or England, something we never see is the importance of getting regular blood tests. Besides STDs of course.

in this episode, Amy Beth Of Health And Bliss For Life discusses the importance of regular blood tests and how to go about it. 


1.30 - What gets measured gets managed

2.00 – Direct access and education on the labs

2.30 – Husband is a board certified anti-aging doctor

3.50 – Discovered she was suffering from adrenal fatigue

4.15 – 5 key areas of aging (inflammation & 4 more)

5.00 – Action points presented in lab work tell you what to do

5.30 - We are obese and we are starving

6.00 – 90% of Americans have a very unhealthy balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3

6.30 – Toxic metal testing

6.45 – Adrenals & thyroid & hormones

7.00 – Weight loss & metabolism markers

7.40 – Education and optimal ranges

8.00 – The current paradigm of measurement

8.45 – This is THE ONLY WAY to measure our health

10.30 – how most illnesses and diseases can be prevented by

11.40 – Symptoms of adrenal fatigue

12.25 – How we’re nutrient deficient

13.00 – Nutrient panel will indicate how strong your immune system is

13.45 – You can’t have a strong immune system if you have inflammation

15.00 – Process of obtaining blood work

15.40 –

16.00 – Longevity Program

17.25 – Say my name to get a discount – nationwide US for 3 states

18.00 – Take your power back and get your blood work done!