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Sep 1, 2017

Naturopath, Jodie Marie, shares how she healed her body of two “incurable” conditions with a specific diet and with thorough detoxification including daily coffee enemas. After many operations, spanning 10 years, Jody was faced with a tough decision to have a hysterectomy. Not wanting to do this at 24, she went on a mission. She came across a method that has proven highly successful in reversing cancer. She thought to herself, if a well-known cure for cancer can work for healing cancer, surely it can work for her, too?

Here she shares her success. Take notes. This is a good one.


2.00 – High fever in 2004. Dermoid cyst the size grapefruit on right ovary. Operation to remove cyst & was put on birth control

3.00 – 3 surgeries; tonsils out & bleeding cysts removed from left ovary. 

4.00 – Docs thought she’d had her appendix removed. Turned out to be severe endometriosis

5.00 – Gastro paresis – paralysis of the stomach and was told she’d never eat a raw fruit or vegetable again. Tough for a vegan to hear! Turned down having a pace maker inserted and a hysterectomy

6.00 – Signed up for Qi Gong for pain management

7.00 – Gerzon Therapy – detoxification method

8.00 – Coffee enemas. Whole food, plant based – flush system to provide energy, eliminate pain, clean blood and liver. 

9.00 – Strict protocol for 9 months to flush her body of toxins together with toxic household goods elimination

10.00 – Importance of talking about health

10.40 – “If Gerson therapy can reverse cancer, then I’m sure it can help me too”

11.00 – Not cleaning with chemicals / toxic soap products / hair products etc

12.00 – She was put under 10 times for surgeries

13.00 – The big questions for vegans and vegetarians?

14.00 – Sources of protein that are plant-based. How limiting protein enabled her to be more active  

15.00 – Vegan since 2004 after her first surgery and never had a protein deficiency

16.00 – B12 paradox: Where does B12 come from?

17.00 – Most vegetarians and vegans do not absorb b12 supplements or pure source B12 because their gut is not healthy to absorb the nutrients

18.00 – Where do animals get their B12?

19.00 – Difference between organic farmers market to conventional produce

20.00 – Importance of regular bowel movements (If you’re backed up, you’re backed up with toxins)

21.00 – Are there dangers to disrupting the microbiome with enemas?

22.00 – Magic of enemas with menstrual cramps – cleans blood and removes toxins

23.00 – What Miss Europe did whenever her skin was bad or felt a spot/pimple developing and how she avoided menstrual cramps (clue: Veggies and enemas)

24.00 – Why did 2 different diseases reverse that were completely different? (Because the body heals and symptoms disappear)

25.00 – Talking of enemas…

25.30 – My first experience indulging in an enema!

27.00 – Condition of your skin is reflective of what? Cleaning your skin…from within

28.00 – Importance of learning and having patience with steady progress. There is no quick fix that will work long-term

29.00 – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

30.00 – Psychology of change – an important mindset shift

31.00 – She is meant to be on 8 medications. Similar protocols for all healing

32.00 – How we have been conditioned – role of doctors versus taking full control

33.00 – Importance of doing our own research into our health. (Invest now or pay later.)

34.00 – Thinking of what you save by investing in your health

35.00 – Experimentation – we can all experiment!

36.00 – Effects of gluten and dairy

37.00 – Genetics and predispositions to getting something.

39.00 – Gerson Therapy results

40.00 –

41.00 – No.1 piece of advice for anyone thinking of experimenting with plant-based

41.30 – Best resource.