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Feb 28, 2017

In Episode 2 of The MojoFit Podcast, Anahita talks about how she healed her chronic pain that she endured for 3 years. 

Her journey has led to her retraining as a coach to help people get past their chronic pain by understanding the mind-body connection and also through nutrition and other lifestyle changes. 

Anahita was recommended to take steroid shots, pain killers and antidepressants by Western doctors, and was even advised to take psychiatric medication. She was also recommended to attend a pain clinic and take narcotics. 

My favourite quote of hers: "If they weren't able to figure out the cause of my pain, they were certainly not qualified to treat the symptoms of my pain." 

Anahita refused all recommendations for some time until she was extremely close to accepting it was the only option.

Thankfully, she stumbled upon the missing link. 

She learned how powerful a role the mind plays in what appears to be mechanical pain in the body. 

Her gaining a solid understanding of psychosomatic illnesses changed everything. 

Be prepared for your mind to be blown! 

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