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Apr 1, 2017

Healing Your Mind And Body With Yoga – Janelle Stacks

At the time of this interview, Janelle had just completed a yoga teacher training and a few things she mentioned about the benefits of yoga made me want to interview her. I’ve practiced yoga myself, for about 3 years. I’m now hooked and I continue to learn more about its benefits. Here, Janelle shares her amazing insights and how it has helped to heal her mind and body.


2.15: Previously an athlete, she injured herself and was advised to take up yoga

3.05: How yoga improved her mind and her energy

3.50: How her attention improved – grew up taking medication from age 6/7.

4.30: Medication changed her psychologically. Her mother was worried.

5.10: You can’t come out of a yoga class, stressed. Combine movement with breath

5.40: How it stimulates the lymphatic system (waste disposal unit)

6:20: How your own physicality can influence your offspring’s health

6.50: Your body adapts to what you ask of it. The fascia in your body will adapt to how you put demand on your body

7.20: Your mind adapts to the demands you put on it

7.00: The condition of your body, can influence your offspring

7.28: Athletes tend to have offspring with similar attributes

7.50: What you ask of your body is what you will recreate (if you have kids)

8.45: A comparison between the dead body of a person who practised yoga most of their life, with someone who did not. Very different muscle formation.

9.15: With muscle, whatever doesn’t strengthen, weakens. Muscle grows or it shrinks – there is nothing in between.

10.00: How yoga got Janelle more in tune with her body. How she began to listen to her body.

11.00: How to sort out concentration problems by switching your diet in combination with yoga & meditation

12.00: How bringing attention to her breath, Janelle has, over time, improved her concentration

12.50: When Janelle doesn’t practice yoga, she notices her stress and anxiety increase

13.40: An app that allows you to practice yoga at home

14.25: Ways to incorporate yoga into your daily routine

16.40: Do whatever will get you in the door

16.50: Benefits and pitfalls of heated yoga

17.35: Hot yoga – sculpt

18.00: Vinyassa Flow

18.19: Q: As we age, is yoga the right answer to deal with aches and pains?

19:30: Thoughts on injuries


If you're based in Santa Monica, look up Janelle Stacks.