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Apr 22, 2017

Could this be the missing link to ultimate health and vitality? You can be spot on with your diet, and be physically active. You will appear “fit”, but when you’re carrying around mental trauma and blockages, stress and / or anger, these somewhat toxic emotions can manifest dis-ease in many different forms. 

Anahita Anais, Founder of Compass shares briefly how she healed her chronic pain of 3 years completely holistically after being advised by professionals to take ineffective and harmful medications including narcotic painkillers and anti-depressants. She was inspired to go on her own journey of self-healing and having healed her own chronic pain, she retrained in Trauma Release Therapy to serve others in pain, stress and trauma management. This will blow your mind as she reveals the power of the mind-body connection...


1.30 – Anahita’s summary of healing chronic pain (in greater details in a previous podcast)

2.25 – She would not allow doctors to treat the symptoms of her chronic pain if they did not reach the root of the chronic pain

3.00 – Her realisation of how her work environment impacted her health

3.30 – Mind-body medicine, reveals how stress was main contributor

4.05 – Rapid healing once discovering the mind-body connection

4.35 – Missing link of health and vitality

5.10 – The Truth About Cancer: Emphasis on Mind Over Body

5.30 – Two programs Anahita has been studying.

6.00 – Chronic pain has very little to do with structural processes in the body

6.30 – An orchestra analogy

7.10 – Neuroplasticity and “brain hacks”

8.55 – Optimising the brain patterns

9.15 – Losing pain in limbs / hands had NOTHING to do with mechanical processes in the body

9.50 – TRE – Trauma Release Exercises

11.00 – Tremors

11.15 – Fight Or Flight: What happens internally

12.00 – If the energy does not get dispersed it builds up

12.40 – Build up of toxicity and manifestation of disease

13.00 – Brain does not differentiate between actual threat and perceived threat. It activates the same system.

13.30 – Modern day life creates constant storage of toxic energy, and we live in a heighted state of fight of flight

14.10 – Examples of heightened state of fight or flight

14.40 – How stress creates disease

15.10 – How we all carry stress and trauma (but we don’t think of it as trauma)

15.25 – How trauma memories are stored – fragmented storage. People can find out years later that they were subjected to trauma

16.10 – We can all carry trauma with no idea we’re carrying it

17.30 – How different harmful emotions affect different organs

17.55 – How toxicity breaks down the strength of the immune system

18.00 – Constant fight or flight means immune function gets shut down. Your body shuts down the less important mechanisms!!

19.00 – How TRE works

19.40 – Children and animals have a way to release the energy. Adults suppress it unknowingly

22.20 – Water in a kettle analogy. Where does the energy go?

23.05 – implementing concepts of neuroplasticity and mindfulness

23.25 – My own experience of energy healing which I used to think of woo woo

24.00 – Psoas muscles help to release the energy

25.30 – Why people get hunchbacks – childhood trauma can create hunchbacks

27.10 – Mass trauma and PTSE

28.00 – Best practices for going about TRE

29.00 – Avoid ‘Freeze state’

30.00 – Reliving a memory – the difference between ‘transformational’ therapies vs TRE – solidifying memories in the brain

31.30 – Somatic Therapies

32.40 – How the memory works and how to handle stress – limbic system & emotional & logical brain

33.15 – Pre-frontal cortex – logical

37.00 – How to release the emotional story

37.20 – The Gem: “The meanings we give to events…”

38.30 – We fear what we do not understand

39:10 – How not to be a victim of our circumstances

39.55 – Who is responsible for our emotions.

40.40 – How to be in charge of your brain

42.40 - Effects of sugar on your nervous system

43.30 –