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Apr 8, 2017

This is an interview with Ashley Strand who healed her endometriosis by switching the water that she drank (in addition to a super clean diet that she was eating for 4 years prior). It’s actually a snippet of a longer webinar I held with her. 

Having had such extraordinary results healing her own body with the help of this water, she has been on a mission over the last 6 years making sure everyone she knows gets their hands on one of these machines.


3.20: Origins of acne

4.20: How she discovered the water

4.50: Her strict diet to concur her condition

5.05: Endometriosis

5.40: How she laughed when she was told to drink “special water”

6.30: What clean eating did for her energy and weight

6.50: Was depressed and wanted to give up on healthy eating

7.00: Electrolysed Reduced Water –

8.00: No pain with next PMS. Hormonal acne gone. Energy “out the roof”. Lost an extra 8lbs It was like…”the missing link”

9.15: Water is chopped full of alkaline minerals.

10.20: The company mimicked healing springs in France, Germany and in the US. The way that God intended, or nature intended is ‘dissolved molecular hydrogen gas.’ It’s the strongest anti-oxidant known to man. Stronger than acai and blueberries. It was proved to reduce inflammation more than any other substance every studied.

12.00: one of the main sources of inflammation: dehydration

12.15 This water can hydrate you more than 6 times normal tap or bottled water

13.00 Micronutrients can be absorbed more effectively when one is drinking this water

14.10: How the pH in her body become fully in balance again

14.40: 3 Secrets of water: Hydration, alkaline minerals, antioxidants

16.00: How her clients were accelerating their results and how they started to crave healthy food, better foods, veggies. The “Gateway to health!”

17.30: Other benefits of this water: for skin, sanitary

18.50: Pesticides removal with the water

20.50: 3 Most Impressive Case Studies. “Your body heals itself when you give it the right fuel: One person 30lbs of weight lost in 30 days and her body healed itself of fibromyalgia, gluten-free. She knows of various people who have healed cancers with the support of this water but can't make any claims! 

24.50: Neil Cannon discount: Quote The Vitality Secret. Watch to find out more about this water.